Sunday, October 5, 2008

The chicken police!

This would make you laugh, especially if you like animals being cute! ;)

Magic tricks!

Here are some of the magic tricks I found on youtube!

Penn & Teller : 'Shadows'

How hard is it to get a girl?

Check it out yourself! Its hilarious!

Linux Penguin ad.

After watching this, you will see that nothing is impossible ;)

Linux ad about its developement.

This is one of the coolest Linux ads I have ever seen. When I saw it, I was thinking how come it took me this long (even though I have been using linux for like 5 years now) to stumble on to this video :P Oh well, its finally here!

Amazing things about everything!

There are a lot of people who can do amazing stuff, but we only get to see few of them. Here are a few of those people performing some really amazing stuff [Nothing scary or gross!].

So, here is the second part of the amazing things people can do. Enjoy!

The Truth!

This is one of the best political advertisements I have seen in a while. Oh well, it is pretty clever.